## Chrome Application Option for the HD Wallet Here you can build a Chrome app version of the web wallet to share in the Chrome App store. We have excluded the zip files from the repo so you'll need to create those. ## Features - Chrome Application Web based wallet - Developer ready ## Building the Chrome App 1. Modify html tag (around line 2) of app.html so it includes overflow-y scroll: 2. Add all files from folder ChromeApp to project root folder 3. Use Chrome Extensions to build a package - that's the easiest way to package the app. Turn developer mode on and just go Settings > Extensions > Pack extension. 4. To publish app on Google store check out following link: https://developer.chrome.com/webstore/publish ## Authors * [Vladimir Pekez](https://github.com/vladimirpekez/) * [Taariq Lewis](https://github.com/taariq)